Beckett Pricing Club Membership Plans and Offers0

Beckett Media introduces the very new CLASSIC, PLUS and PREMIUM BECKETT PRICING CLUB MEMBERSHIP PLAN that fits in any budget and gives benefit of three ONLINE + PRINT + DIGITAL + Cool Beckett Goodies!

1) Beckett Classic Pricing Club Membership Plan (ONLINE + PRINT + DIGITAL) – $149

Classic Club Membership Includes:

  • 12 month Single Sport Online Price Guide + Print Magazine + Digital Print Magazine Subscription
  • Sporty Stainless Steel Tumbler with Plastic Accents
  • Contrast Colored Geometric Attache

2) Beckett Plus Pricing Club Membership Plan (ONLINE + PRINT + DIGITAL) – $299

Plus Club Membership Includes:

  • 12 month 2 Single Sport Online Price Guide + Print Magazine + Digital Print Magazine Subscription
  • Cross Traveller Wallet
  • Classic Barstow Briefcase

3) Beckett Premium Pricing Club M...

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Beckett Offers – Anniversary Special0

Beckett Anniversary Offers

1) Baseball Card Price Guide – Flat 30% Off

Use promo code ANNIVSPL for flat 30% off on baseball card price guide subscriptions.

•    1 Month Baseball Card Price Guide Subscription (Renewal) – $ 6.30
•    3 Month Baseball Card Price Guide Subscription (Renewal) – $ 17.50
•    6 Month Baseball Card Price Guide Subscription (Renewal) – $ 32.13
•    12 Month Baseball Card Price Guide Subscription (Renewal) – $ 56.70

Coupon Code -  ANNIVSPL

Valid till 31st July 2014

Visit -

2) Dynamic Duo offer – Flat 20% off on Online Card Price Guide + Sports Magazines Subscription

Features of Beckett Dynamic Duo

  • 1-year of Online Price Guide PLUS a 1-year magazine subscription
  • 24/7 access to pricing a...
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2014 FIFA – Top players to watch!0




The game has already begun and Neymar is a star now! Enjoy the weekend watching the war :)
















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2014 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule0

FIFA World Cup 2014 is upon us all!This will be the second time that Brazil will host the World Cup, the previous being in 1950 which was won by Uruguay. The opening game of the 2014 Fifa World Cup will see hosts Brazil play Croatia on June 12, 2014. There will be a total match of 64 which will be played in 12 cities across Brazil. Check out the 2014 Fifa World Cup match schedule for the first week (12th to 15th June):

Time  THURSDAY, JUNE 12    THURSDAY, JUNE 12  Stage Venue
20:00 GMT BRAZIL  VS CROATIA Group A Arena Corinthians
FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014
Time Stage Venue
16:00 GMT MEXICO  VS CAMEROON Group A Estadio das Dunas
19:00 GMT SPAIN  VS NETHERLANDS Group B Arena Fonte Nova
22:00 GMT CHILE  VS AUSTRALIA Group B Arena Pantanal
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Panini’s gift right ahead to FIFA World Cup0

We are almost there! Yes, the 20th FIFA World Cup 2014 will kick off in Brazil from 12th of June. Everyone is excited to cheer their favorite team. Happiest new, right ahead of the grand event, Panini released 2014 FIFA World Cup Prizm soccer cards this year. The cards featured dozens of soccer players from across the globe….

This autograph subset included just two names: football’s Andrew Luck and basketball’s Kobe Bryant.






Check out the Value of the Soccer Cards

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2014 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards0







That’s the Sneak Peek of the 2014 Topps Five Star baseball cards from

Read the complete news HERE


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1948 Leaf Football Cards0


The NFL Leaf series 1948-49 was printed on white and gray cardboard stock. The white color was more common in the first series, while the gray color dominated the second series. The color variation problem was seen throughout the set. Not only this, but the problem was combined with the general centering issue. These both issues became a major challenge for high-condition collectors.

Most collectors tend to dominate the historical football cards from leaf released in the year 1948-1949. However, baseball card released in that year made a memory imprint over the ages. During 1948-49 Leaf released two different sets of football cards. Both the sets seemed to be similar featuring the same players and with almost the same design...

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Collecting Pokemon cards0


It was last month that I posted some interesting images of Pokemon cards. To me, collecting Pokemon cards seems to be of immense pleasure. Unlike the traditional sports cards, Pokemons are more vibrant and fun to collect.

Now here comes my tip on collecting Pokemon cards…..

Determine the rarity level
It is very important to know if the item is common, uncommon, rare, or promotional. It’s very easy, you may watch out for the small symbol in the lower right corner of the card. If you see a circle, if signifies common, diamond for uncommon and start signifies rare. Promotional ones are different; it usually includes Holo-foil cards, gold star cards and crystal cards. Promotional are the most valuable and priciest ones.

Examine the quality
It is similarly essential to examine the conditi...

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Baseball fever is back0

It’s baseball time now! Yes, baseball fever is back. The whiz of the bat, the whiff of the freshly cut grass and the vendors streaming — that means: Major League Baseball has started! I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out any of the games specially the weekend matches.

Check out this weekends MLB schedule. Go out to cheer the teams and if in case you couldn’t make it to the field, watch it live.


FRIDAY, 9th MAY 2014



SATURDAY, 10th MAY 2014



SUNDAY, 11th MAY 2014


Watch out the latest baseball card release and baseball card values HERE


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Top 10 Tiger Woods Golf Cards0

Golf cards aren’t much popular like the baseball cards. But, the most highly paid athletes are a golfer. Yes, we are talking about the legendary golfer “Tiger Woods”. There are a handful of Woods card which are priciest and all time favorite amongst the collectors.

There… enjoy browsing the images!!

1. 2001 SP Authentic Tiger Woods #45 Autograph #/900


2. 2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection Golf Autographs


 3. 2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Duals Tiger Woods / Michael Jordan #ST2TM Autograph


4. 2001 Upper Deck Player’s Ink Tiger Woods #TW Autograph


5. 2013 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Sport Royalty Autographs Tiger Woods #SRATW


6. 2001 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Red Tiger Woods Autograph



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